Let's Drive-in for a Family Tree screening!

"Family Tree" SCREENINGS!

Family Tree has been programmed to screen at TWO Central Iowa film festivals in June. On Friday, June 26 the film will screen at the Des Moines Underground Film Festival's Drive-In Theater festival. Find details on their Facebook page.

That same weekend, The Interrobang Film Festival will virtually screen Family Tree through Vimeo. Specific screening details will be available on the Interrobang website.

Stuck At Home 48

While living through the Covid-19 pandemic, Tiny Explosions took part in of 4-of-5 "Stuck at Home 48" challenges put on by 48 Hour Film Project. Those four films can be screened on our YouTube Channel or on a sub-page of this site hosting to those films.

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Tiny Explosions is a rotating collection of Central Iowa friends who enjoy playing pretend and occasionally attempt to create short films.

The roots of our filmmaking trace back to the mid-90s when founding members Brian Hogan and Patrick Boberg met in junior high. What started as simple silliness with cameras eventually spawned "films" about a serial cat killer, destruction of private property, free-style walking, a sentient lawn ornament, political activism to create New Kids on the Block Day, and other nonsense.

Fast forward 15 years where Hogan and Pat once again found themselves with too much free time, access to camera equipment, puppets and the ever present storytelling itch. Within six months, the duo had created three goofy short films and felt ready to take on the 2012 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project.

As the years pass our free time to make films has waxed and waned, but come each July, we drop everything to produce a new installment in the Tiny Explosions saga.

Please enjoy the films, as well as the behind the scenes extras from every film.

red flag

Someone for Everyone.
*** ALL MUSIC streaming on this channel
Tiny Explosions entry in the 2019 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project. Debuted Wednesday, July 31st in Screening Group A. Awards received: Audience Award Group A Screened at Best of City
Required Elements Character: Rihanna Hilton, BookkeeperProp: water bottle Line of Dialogue: "Something isn't right" Genre: Romance

red flag (extended)

For the first time in the history of Tiny Explosions, our shooting script contained much more than the 7 minute limit 48 Hour Film Project allows. So instead of letting that silliness die on the vine, we've decided to serve it up.

No, you won't meet Rihanna Hiltons previous lovers or learn the history of the Ballitch family name, but you will get a few extra bits of fun. When your cast is almost thirty people, it almost seems like a crime to not give everyone their time on screen. Once you're done here, make sure to watch the behind the scenes.

Palle Amorevoli

Love strikes a win on the lanes.
*** ALL MUSIC streaming on this channel
Tiny Explosions entry in the 2018 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project. Debuted Thursday, August 2nd in Screening Group C. Awards received: Audience Award Group C Screened at Best of City
Required Elements Character: Michael D'Amato, Chef Prop: Headphones Line of Dialogue: "Why am I always Last?" Genre: Musical

Palle Amorevoli soundtrack

Tiny Explosions received an added boost of talent in 2018 when multi-faceted musician Jordan Mayland offered up his skills to produce the score for Palle Amorevoli. All the music in the film was produced within the 48 Hour filmmaking window and recorded by Jordan. He worked his brain out his ear to make these songs happen and they are flipping awesome. An additional thank you goes out to Jill McLain for joining the team in 2018 and writing the lyrics for Jordan's tunes with the added help of Nate Carlson, Erin Hogan, Brian Hogan, Jon Hoffmann, and team leader Patrick Boberg. These songs are unquestionably awesome. Take a listen and please throw some love Jordan's way.

Tiny Explosions Filmmaking Timeline

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Snap Back

Four friends out for a joy ride get trapped on a mysterious road.
Tiny Explosions entry in the 2017 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project.
Screened at Best of City 2017
Required ElementsCharacter: Freddy or Fiona Brown, PoetProp: Rubber bandLine of Dialogue: "You heard what she said."Genre: Road Movie or Sci Fi

Tiny Explosions Posters

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Almighty Haul

Two feuding criminals are caught off guard by a baptismal congregation.
Tiny Explosions entry in the 2016 Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project.
Awards received:Best Film, Runner-UpBest Use of PropAudience Award Group A
Required ElementsCharacter: Tiffany Sporeka, Vice PresidentProp: Photo of MomLine of Dialogue: "I just can't believe it!"Genre: Fish Out of Water

Behind the Explosions

Tiny Trailers

Culling of Heirs

2015 Des Moines 48 Hr Film Project

Two Men and a Backpack

2014 Des Moines 48 Hr Film Project

Just a Few Tips

2013 Des Moines 48 Hr Film Project

Trigger Words

2012 Des Moines 48 Hr Film Project

Non-48 Hr Short Films

Lose Soulmates


The Haircut


Creat-Ur Own Fun!


Game Night


Desperate Times


The Chase Begins


Master of Puppets

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Sooooo, you noticed the ridiculous number dividers. That can mean only one thing... more TE.
So here's the thing, there is one more Tiny Explosions short and it is not embedded on this page. Why, pray tell, has it not been posted here? Welllll... It's hilarious, but Pat dances over and behind the line of tastes that short kind of crosses. So if you're really looking to watch something that will make you do a spit take, but end with you going "WHY!?!?" Then you need watch, Balls.